3 Simple Steps To Living In Everyday Joy


DON’T WAIT ANOTHER SECOND! Step into the UNLIMITED JOY you were born with TODAY! A Complete Audio/Video Program To Inspire You To Step Into Your Birthright: Unlimited Joy! This Audio/Video Bundle 9 Audios and 2 Videos that you can download to your computer.



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DON’T WAIT ANOTHER SECOND! Step into the UNLIMITED JOY you were born with TODAY! A Complete Audio/Video Program To Inspire You To Step Into Your Birthright: Unlimited Joy! This Audio/Video Bundle 9 Audios and 2 Videos that you can download to your computer.

This Audio/Video Package Includes All Of The Following


(1) LEAP INTO THE UNLIMITED JOY IN YOUR CORE (Audio) You are born with Unlimited Joy. We all are. Stop letting pesky thoughts, doubts & fears limit or postpone your innate Joy. Today, discover Three Simple Secrets to basking in your birthright, Pure Joy, despite the ups and downs of everyday life. (2) Brief Guided Exercise on JOY Step One: Saying “Yes” to What Is (Audio)


As we trust life and stop letting ego’s narrow perspective steal our joy away, our Definition of Joy expands. Rather than calling Joy “just another feeling,” we watch our Heart’s Authentic Joy hold every worry, disappointment& unwanted feeling in the Unlimited Joy in our core. When we focus our attention in the Present Moment, where Joy always lives, we reframe feelings as gifts forming a rudder to guide our Soul wisely through the maze of life choices.


Vigorous Dialogue on Seeking Joy between Carolyn Hobbs, author of JOY, No Matter What, and Alan Hunter of Transitions Radio in Santa Fe, New Mexico


STEP TWO: Witnessing Ourselves


As we grow Aware of how we habitually react to anger, conflict, loneliness or despair, and as we ask, “How does MY reaction cause more suffering for myself and others?” we see ego’s unconscious reactions clearly but stop identifying with them. Accepting What is True without any resistance opens the floodgates to Unlimited Joy & Happiness.

(6) Self-Compassion:Let Conscious Choice Bring You Freedom & Joy (Includes Brief Guided Meditation) (Video)

Instantly, in a New York second, you can dissolve ego’s fears, worries, doubts and judgments by labeling each unconscious habit “thinking” and holding the mind’s habits in loving compassion. By Consciously Choosing Compassion, you feel more spacious, peaceful and happy no matter what is happening around you. Includes Brief Guided Meditation


Ego continually judges life as “good” or “bad.” Sunny is good, rainy is bad. Happy is good, sadness is bad. Somehow, ego always wants this moment to be better, different, more in MY favor. But as we cultivate a Friendship with our body, as we turn and face the symptoms we have been running away from and pause to ask, “What is my back pain, headache, cancer or illness trying to tell me?” we hear the inner wisdom that redirects us toward health, inner peace & unlimited Joy. (8-minute Guided Meditation: (For Therapists, Health & Mindfulness Practitioners)


STEP THREE: Responding Differently

(8) RESPOND DIFFERENTLY WITH COMPASSION  (Audio) Without thinking about it, we habitually chase pleasure (those things we believe will bring us happiness and avoid discomfort (the unknown, unexpected, unwanted). This unconscious habit creates suffering. But as we accept that both pain and joy come with being human beings in bodies, and as we feel compassion and humor for our predicament, we come to love and accept every aspect of ourselves. Living in full integrity with who we are brings Pure Joy. (9) CHOOSE JOY NOW: DROP OUR RESISTANCE & JUDGMENT  (Video) Though Joy is always present, we seldom are. We constantly lose ourselves in ego’s habit of judging & comparing this moment with how it could be better—life always comes up short. Such chronic dissatisfaction steals our joy away. But as we stop listening to ego’s resistance and say “yes” to what is true in our body, our heart & in our love & work relationships, as we stop judging ourselves, others and life as “not good enough,” and as we grow familiar with the voices of fear, doubt & judgment, we bask more often in the Unlimited Joy and Inner Peace that is our birthright for no “logical reason” that will satisfythe mind. (10) FACING FEELINGS & BELIEFS RELEASES INNER JOY  (Audio) Like Joy, our Body, Heart & Breath always live in the present.As we uncover such hidden Beliefs as “I’m unlovable, unworthy, not good enough or mistrusting,” we release the Physical Pain, Anger, Resentment, Grief or Fear that may have been covering up our Joy for years. Healthy Curiosity, Awareness & Compassion for our human challenges returns us to the Unlimited Joy that is our birthright. (11) LOVING & ACCEPTING WHAT IS WITH COMPASSION: EXQUISITE GUIDED MEDITATION (led by Carolyn Hobbs & Debra Taylor)  (Audio) By lying down, deep breathing, locating a life issue in your body and breathing into the feelings this issue triggers, you bring love & acceptance to a part of you that desperately needs your kind attention. By allowing what you have been resisting, you ease your suffering by holding all fears, sadness, loneliness, worry & despair in the unlimited kindness and compassion we are all born with. In the process, you relax and open to life with Great Love.


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